Getting Started with VMware Fusion: Get your copy today!

I’m proud to say that my first book has finally been published!

In it, I pulled from the experiences I had  during my days leading the Fusion support team, taking years of experience and bringing to readers some of the best tips and tricks I learned along the way.

This short eBook, Getting Started with VMware Fusion,  helps users get the most out of their VMware Fusion investment.  We get started by learning how to install Windows 8 from scratch without needing any physical media.

We then talk a bit about how to import a physical PC, and also importantly, how to take care of a new Virtual Machine to keep it safe.

I even do a fun bit about snapshots, explaining their great uses and how they work under the hood so users know how handle them properly, and also some tricks for using Linked Clones in VMware Fusion Professional.

Getting Started with VMware Fusion will help readers to get started running Windows on their Mac the right way by providing practical examples of how to keep a Virtual Machine secure, backed up, and running smoothly.

I’m fortunate to have had the help of a great support and release team at Packt Publishing, putting up with my busy schedule!

Download your copy today using the link below!

Getting Started with VMware Fusion
Getting Started with VMware Fusion




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