Blogger Talk: Fusion + Workstation!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve blogged or posted anything. Between the Fusion and Workstation product launches, VMworld US and Europe, and all the stuff I do outside of work with The Dickens Fair, I’ve been a bit busy!

It’s been a hallmark year for sure. Earlier this year I was tasked with essentially owning the entirety of the Fusion and Workstation product lines. I’ve been spending my time analyzing the business, putting together the launch plan, and managing the development and execution process of the products themselves.

Together, the team and I came up with a pretty tall list of features and capabilities that we’ve been working hard on for almost 2 years. We’re incredibly happy with what the team’s innovation and what we’ve brought to market, and we think our customers agree that this is our most exciting release to date.

I had a chance to chat about the releases on our ‘Blogger Talk’ show the other day, you can check those out here:




I also spent a full hour in our Podcasting studio talking about a lot more than just ‘whats new’ with our beloved products. Check out the audio or video if you want to hear me get real deep about my passions, how the product gets built, and some other trade secrets I probably should have kept to myself =)

Here’s the podcast itself:

And here’s the Live Stream we did on Facebook of the show (First one we’ve ever done too! Happy to be the guinea pig!)

VMware Technology Network: live video


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